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Linguistic Convergence Laboratory

Boye, K. P. Kehayov (eds.): Complementizer Semantics in European Languages

Dobrushina N.

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Book chapter
Discovering dialectal differences based on oral corpora

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In bk.: Компьютерная лингвистика и интеллектуальные технологии: По материалам ежегодной международной конференции «Диалог» (Москва, 30 мая — 2 июня 2018 г.). Iss. 17(24). M.: Russian State University for the Humanitie, 2018. P. 28-38.

Working paper
Automatic dependency parsing of a learner English corpus REALEC

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About the Laboratory

Linguistic Convergence Laboratory opened in 2017. It focuses on processes of convergence in the history of languages, i.e. the processes by which common features spread among languages due to contact between their speakers. The laboratory aims at modelling processes of convergence and developing tools to study these phenomena using data from electronic corpora of spoken language. 

Call for applications for the summer school "Areal Linguistics and Languages of Russia"

The laboratory is accepting applications for the International Summer School "Areal Linguistics and Languages of Russia" from 10th to 14th September 2018 at HSE academic center and guesthouse in Voronovo, outside Moscow. Deadline for applications is 20th May.

Two new corpora of varieties of Russian

With support from the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory two new resources were created: a corpus of Rogovatka dialect (Belgorod oblast) and a corpus of Russian spoken in Daghestan.

Illustration for news: Andi project received grant funding from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Andi project received grant funding from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

On the eve of 2018, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research finished reviewing grant applications. Among the approved applications was the project "The Andi morphosyntax in a typological perspective", under the guidance of Michael Daniel; professor at the School of Linguistics and participant of the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory.

Laboratory invites postdocs from international research universities

Linguistic Convergence Laboratory invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in the field of language contact; computer corpora; typology; sociolinguistics.

Illustration for news: "Methods for linguistic convergence research" seminar at the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory

"Methods for linguistic convergence research" seminar at the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory

From November 27 to December 1, 2017 a seminar on "Methods for linguistic convergence research" was held at the laboratory. The seminar was devoted to discussing the intermediate results of research projects, as well as the immediate tasks and general goals of the participants. It was the first joint meeting of all employees and partners.

Illustration for news: Documenting a West Circassian Dialect in Israel

Documenting a West Circassian Dialect in Israel

From October 25 to November 1 2017, Yury Lander and Irina Bagirokova spent over a week in Israel, documenting a West Circassian dialect.

Alexandra Kozhukhar at Depling 2017 on Universal Dependencies

From 18 to 20 September the international conference on dependency linguistics Depling 2017 took place in Pisa (Italy).

Anastasia Panova presented the Corpus of Daghestanian Russian at the Twelfth conference of the Slavic Linguistics Society

Anastasia Panova, intern-researcher at the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory, participated in the Twelfth conference of the Slavic Linguistics Society, from 21 to 24 September in Ljubljana (Slovenia), where she gave a poster presentation "A corpus outlook on regional varieties of Russian in Daghestan".

The results of our grant competition for the creation of spoken language corpora have been announced

The results of the competition for grants to create spoken language corpora, which was held by the International linguistic convergence laboratory from May 30th to June 25th, have been announced. The scientific committee selected five winners, who will receive funding to create their corpora.

Website of the Atlas of Multilingualism of Daghestan Launched

Employees of the Linguistic Convergence Laboratory are working on an Atlas of Multilingualism of Daghestan. With support of the laboratory and the Collegium de Lyon a website was created recently, which can be used as a resource for the research of social and georgraphical particularities of multilingualism in Daghestan.