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Regular version of the site

Laboratory seminars

Seminar schedule 2019

19 November

Enets in space and time: a study in linguistic geography and history
(Olesya KhaninaAndrey ShluinskyYury Koryakov)


12 November

Fouta-Djallon multilingualism
(Alexandra Vydrina)


29 October

Morphosyntax of complement clauses in East Caucasian languages: long-distance agreement
(Natalya Serdobolskaya)


22 October

Subgroups, linkages and beyond: Working on shared innovations in Eastern Polynesian languages
(Albert Davletshin)


15 October

Glottalized /lˀ/ in Rikvani Andi
(Alexander ShiryaevMichael DanielGeorge Moroz)


1 October

Fieldtrip to Botlikh (Daghestan)
(Chiara NaccaratoSamira Verhees)


The Third School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology (University of Potsdam, Germany)
(George MorozOlga Lyashevskaya)

24 September

Phylogeography of the Bantu Expansion
(Ezequiel Koile)


Contact-influenced word order in genitive noun phrases: A corpus-based investigation of Russian spoken in Daghestan
(Chiara Naccarato, Natalya Stoynova, Anastasia Panova)


17 September

Lingua francas as lexical donors: quantitative field study
(Michael DanielIlya Chechuro,  Samira Verhees Nina Dobrushina)


11 June

Contact-influenced word order in genitive noun phrases: A corpus-based investigation of Russian spoken in Daghestan
(Chiara Naccarato, Natalya Stoynova, Anastasia Panova)


4 June

Animacy agreement in Botlikh: ordinal numeral
(Samira Verhees, Chiara Naccarato)


28 May

A database of census in Daghestan
(Nina Dobrushina, Yuri Koryakov, Daria Staferova, Aleksander Belokon)

23 April

Research on a variative phenomenon in Russian varieties of Daghestan and native speakers: Preliminary results (based on experimental data)
(Nina Dobrushina, Daria Perova)

Numeral classifiers in Udi as a contact-induced development
(Timur Maisak)

9 April

Rutul dictionary: new resource
(Anastasia Panova, Elena Sokur)

A database for structural borrowings from Azerbaijani into Lezgic languages
(Maria Aristova)

Vowel quantity as the distinction of spatial forms in Kina Rutul: an experimental study
(Polina Nasledskova, Michael Daniel)

2 April

IngRel, DagRel, and others:  Relativization and the accessibility hierarchy in ergative languages, with implications for corpus databases
(Johanna Nichols)

26 March

Language change in Northwest Amazonia: grammatical categories
(Katarzyna Wojtylak)

19 March

When genetic and linguistic transmission do not coincide: emerging patterns from multiple studies
(Damian Blasi)

26 February

The scope of refactive markers in Abaza
(Anastasia Panova)


12 February

Noun vs. verb inflectional synthesis: A complexity trade-off?
(Elena Sokur, Johanna Nichols)

A database for loanwords in Daghestan
(Samira Verhees, Ilya Chechuro)


5 February

Bayes Factor: Bayesian way without diving in Bayesian maze
(George Moroz)


Typological atlas of multilingualism in Daghestan: problems and perspectives
(Konstantin Filatov)

29 January

The u+gen construction in Modern Standard Russian
(Chiara Naccarato)


22 January

(Ivan Kapitonov)


15 January

Sequence of tenses in Russian? Tense choice in complement clauses in Standard and Learner Russian
(Ekaterina Schnittke)


Seminar schedule 2018

2 October

Limitative kə̄n in Ulch: morpheme with very weird positional properties
( Natalia Stoynova)

9 October

Validity of the data collected indirectly: belated proof of concept
( Alexey Koshevoy)


16 October

Phrasal compatatives: restrictions on the object of comparison
( Tatiana Philippova)

23 October

Relative clauses in Andi
( George Moroz)

30 October

The emphatic identity particle =OK in the Volga-Kama Sprachbund
( Aigul Zakirova)


6 November

Evaluating DP as a measure of corpus heterogeneity. The Even dialect comparison project at crossroads
( Michael Daniel)


13 November

Conditions and questions: several cases of combined marking in Nakh-Dagestanian languages
( Nina Dobrushina)


20 November

Non-standard word order in noun phrases with genitive in Russian speech of bilinguals
(based on corpus data DagRus vs. RNC)
( Chiara Naccarato, Natalia Stoynova, Anastasia Panova)

4 December

Corpus research of target relativization in several languages of the Caucausus
(Timur Maisak, Michael Daniel, Yury Lander )


11 December

Data bases
(Vadim Dyachkov)

18 December

The internalization of inflection? The restrictive kə̄n in Ulch
(Natalia Stoynova)

Seminar schedule 2017

19 September

Daghestanian Loans
(Michael Daniel, Samira Verhees, Ilya Chechuro)



26 September

Daghestanian Multilingualism
(Nina Dobrushina, Alexandra Kozhukhar)



3 October

Daghestanian Stops
(Sven Grawunder, Michael Daniel, Vasilisa Zhigulskaya, George Moroz)



10 October

Spoken Meadow Mari corpus: data, design, and aims
(Anna Volkova, Michael Voronov)



19 October

Universal Dependencies for Mehweb Dargwa
(Alexandra Kozhukhar, Olga Lyashevskaya)



26 October

Dialectal Variation in Even based on Corpora of Field Recordings
(Vasilisa Andriyanets, Brigitte Pakendorf)



7 November

Circassian Isoglosses
(Aleksei Fedorenko, Yury Lander, George Moroz)


14 November

Prosodic Analysis of Non-standard Russian Spontaneous Speech
(Olga Lyashevskaya, Ilya Chechuro)


21 November

Corpus of Russian spoken in Daghestan
(Timur Maisak, Anastasia Panova)



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