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Conference "16th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories", Prague (Czech Republic)

REALEC learner treebank: annotation principles and evaluation of automatic parsing
(Olga Lyashevskaya, Irina Panteleeva)

23 - 24 January

Conference "The 44th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society", Berkeley (USA)

Attributives in Andi (Nakh-Daghestanian): clitics, affixes, or both?
(Timur Maisak)

9 - 11 February

Conference "Anatolia-the Caucasus-Iran: Ethnic and Linguistic Contacts", Yerevan (Armenia)

Gender Attribution of Borrowings and Native Lexemes in Zilo Andi: Experimental Data
(Samira VerheesGeorge Moroz)

On the genesis of the Rutul and Tsakhur attributivizers
(Aleksei Fedorenko)

'Other' strategies in the East Caucasus
(Yury LanderTimur Maisak)

10 - 12 May

Conference  "The 18th International Morphology Meeting", Budapest (Hungary)

Endoclitics in Andi
(Timur Maisak)

Non-verbal nominalization in Udmurt
(Timofey Arkhangelskiy, Elena Sokur, Maria Usacheva)

10 - 13 May

Conference "CHRONOS 13 - International Conference on Tense, Aspect, Modality and Evidentiality", Neuchatel (Switzerland)

Counterexpectation Present in Andi: discerning the grammaticalization source
(Samira VerheesTimur Maisak)

4 - 6 June

Workshop "Creating a corpus for Meadow Mari", Ghent (Belgium)

Spoken corpus of Meadow Mari: issues and prospects
(Anna Volkova)

6 - 9 June

Congress "20th International Congress of Linguists", Cape Town (South Africa)

Copula in Abaza and the typology of indexing
(Yury Lander)

2 - 6 July

Conference "51st Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea", Tallin (Estonia)

Lexical influence on microlevel: Data from Daghestan
(Ilya ChechuroMiсhael DanielSamira Verhees)

Apprehensives: Illocutives or/and expressives?
(Nina Dobrushina, Miсhael Daniel)

Subject encoding in participial relative clauses
(Anna Volkova)

29 August - 1 September

Conference "Syntax of the World's Languages 8", Paris (France)

Some remarkable features of negative verb forms in Andi (Nakh-Daghestanian)
(Timur Maisak)

Verbal negation in Ulch: The limits of instability
(Natalia Stoynova)

3 - 5 September

Summer school "Statistics for linguists with R", Lublin (Poland)

(Ilya ChechuroVasilisa Zhigulskaya)

3 - 7 September

Conference on Slavic linguistics "VII Incontro di Linguistica slava", Venice (Italy)

Окказиональное словосложение в русском языке: продуктивность и аналогия
(Chiara Naccarato)

20 - 22 September

Conference "The shaping of transitivity and argument structure: theoretical and empirical perspectives", Pavia (Italy)

Double causatives and labile verbs in Mehweb Dargwa
(Miсhael Daniel)

Transitivity and argument structure realization in Russian synthetic compounds
(Chiara Naccarato)

25 - 27 October

Conference "XV конференция по типологии и грамматике", Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Возможен ли отказ от выборки? Байесовский подход к типологическому исследованию
(George Moroz)

22 - 24 November

International workshop "I Workshop on Spoken Corpus Linguistics", Valencia (Spain)

A collection of non-standard spoken Russian corpora: approaches, tools and research
(Anastasia Panova, Ruprecht von Waldenfels)

13 - 14 December


Open workshop "Köpfigkeit und/oder grammatische Anarchie", Berlin (Germany)

The two sources of head effects
(Yury Lander)

11 - 13 May

International conference "International Conference on Language variation in Europe (ICLaVE9)", Malaga (Spain)

Are Dialect Features Lost in a Stable Order? Testing the Fixed Route Hypothesis
(Miсhael Daniel, Nina Dobrushina, Darya Ignatenko, Polina Kazakova, Ruprecht von Waldenfels)

Who’s Older than the Old? (Alias Cедина в бороду, да бес в ребро)
(Miсhael Daniel, Polina Kazakova)

Variation in the Mirror of Elicitation, Corpus and Experiment
(Nina Dobrushina)

6 - 9 June

International conference "Русская грамматика: описание, преподавание, тестирование", Helsinki (Finland)

Аккомодация по множественности и квантификаторы в русском языке
(Kristina Bagdasaryan, Natalya Akutina, Ilya Chechuro)

7 - 9 June

International symposium "International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11)", Limerick (Ireland)

Linguistic diversity and asymmetrical bilingualism
(Nina Dobrushina)

11 - 15 June

Conference "Syntax of Uralic Languages (SOUL)", Budapest (Hungary)

The left periphery of participial relative clauses
(Anna Volkova)

27 - 28 June

Conference "50th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2017)", Zurich (Switzerland)

The future and the prospective within a tense-aspect system: the case of Andi
(Timur Maisak)

Evidentiality and the perfect in the Rikwani and Zilo dialects of Andi (East Caucasian)
(Samira Verhees)

Syntactic structure of participial relative clauses
(Anna Volkova)

Looking for a D-layer in Moksha
(Svetlana Toldova, Anna Volkova)

10 - 13 September

Conference "Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters 2017", Moscow (Russia)

Эндоклитики внутри глагола: теперь и в андийском
(Timur Maisak)

25 - 27 October

Conference "Малые языки в большой лингвистике", Moscow (Russia)

О причастных оборотах с выраженным подлежащим в луговом марийском языке
(Anna Volkova)

«Презенс нарушенного ожидания» в андийском языке: морфология, семантика и путь грамматикализации
(Timur Maisak)

Сложные предикаты с элементом -дзыща- в абазинском языке: между морфологией и синтаксисом
(Anastasia Panova)

Классы в зиловском диалекте андийского языка: экспериментальные данные
(George Moroz, Samira Verhees)

Рутульский и цахурский атрибутивизаторы: гипотеза о встречном развитии показателей
(Aleksei Fedorenko)

2 - 3 November

Conference "The 14th Conference on Typology and Grammar for Young Scholars", Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Fear complement clauses in typological perspective
(Nina Dobrushina)

К типологии систем сибилянтов: параметры вариативности [s]
(George Moroz, Inna Ziber)

Рефактив(ы?) в абазинском языке
(Anastasia Panova)

Evidentiality in the Rikwani dialect of Andi
(Samira Verhees)

23 - 25 November

Conference "12th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology", Canberra (Australia)

Reformulating head/dependent marking
(Yury Lander)

A multilingual Constructicon: Bottom-up approach, compiling strategies, and construction types
(Olga Lyashevskaya)

Motion events in reported speech: Evidence from several East Caucasian languages
(Miсhael Daniel)

Tense and aspect among the factors conditioning the distribution of quotatives: Data from Andi
(Timur Maisak)

11 - 15 December


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