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Invited speakers

Friederike Lüpke (SOAS, London)
Nicholas Evans (ANU, Canberra)

Program and abstracts

You can download pdf-file with the program here: Small-scale Multilingualism: Program


Mon, April 15

Session chair

9 159 30 WELCOME 
9 3010 30Olesya KhaninaFriderike LüpkeMultiple perspectives: Epistemological and methodological reflections on small-scale multilingualism Handout
10 3011 00 coffee break 
11 0011 30 Mary Walworth, Tom Ennever, Iveth Rodriguez, Lana Takau, Russell GrayThe Multitude of Multilingualism in Vanuatu  Abstract
11 3012 00George MorozJean RohlederThe place of Vamale (New Caledonia) in a multilingual environment - Attitudes towards it and differences across time and space  Abstract
12 0012 30 Christian DöhlerMultilingualism in Southern New Guinea: A description and an attempt to reconstruct its past  Abstract
12 3014 00 Lunch 
14 0014 30 Pius W. Akumbu, Esther P. ChieUnderstanding language diversity among the Mbororo of Northwest Cameroon  Abstract
14 3015 00Maria KhachaturyanPierpaolo Di Carlo, Jeff GoodIndexical order, identity targets, and the typology of multilingualism  Abstract
15 0015 30 Angiachi DemetrisWhen stereotypes do not influence language attitudes: a study of multilingual individuals in Lower Fungdom  Abstract
15 3016 00 coffee break  
16 0016 30 Olga KazakevichLanguage contacts of the Northern Selkups and some consequences of these contacts  Abstract
16 3017 00Ilya ChechuroBrigitte PakendorfHow does one borrow paradigms? Using historical sociolinguistics to understand a rare process  Abstract
17 0017 30 Yuri Koryakov, Olesya KhaninaMultilingualism of the past: the case of Siberia  Abstract

Tue, April 16

Session chair

9 3010 30Michael DanielNicholas EvansPolyglots all the way back: multilingualism, small-scale societies and language evolution
10 3011 00 coffee break  
11 0011 30 Nina DobrushinaLinguistic endogamy in highland Daghestan  Abstract
11 3012 00Daria KoniorDiana SenkinaThe Ethnic Languages Maintenance in Urban Areas (Makhachkala Case Study)  Abstract
12 0012 30 Nina Dobrushina, George MorozThe speakers of minority languages are more multilingual  Abstract
12 3014 00  Lunch 
14 0015 30 Posters 
15 3016 00 coffee break  
16 0016 30 Patience EppsExploring the ideological underpinnings of Amazonian multilingualism  Abstract
16 3017 00Serge SagnaKristine Stenzel, Nick WilliamsCapturing the multilingual experience: two methodological approaches  Abstract
17 00 17 30 Thiago ChaconThe pre-history of linguistic exogamy and widespread polylingualism in the Vaupés area  Abstract

Wed, April 17

Session chair

9 3010 00 Ekaterina GruzdevaReconstructing language contacts in the Amur-Sakhalin area  Abstract
10 0010 30Rachel OjongMaria Pupynina, Natalia AralovaLower Kolyma and Alazeya multilingualism and its linguistic outcomes  Abstract
10 3011 00 coffee break  
11 0011 30 Irina SamarinaSmall-scale multilingualism in Vietic ethnic communities in North-Central Vietnam  Abstract
11 3012 00Angiachi DemetrisFrancesca MoroMultilingualism in eastern Indonesia: the case of Alorese  Abstract
12 0012 30 Yu LiThe interaction of age, L2 type and multilingualism in Zauzou community  Abstract
12 3014 00 Lunch 
14 0014 30 Alexandra VydrinaSmall-scale multilingualism in Fouta-Djallon  Abstract
14 3015 00Jean RohlederRachel OjongMotivations for language choice among Lower Fungom multilinguals  Abstract
15 0015 30 Serge Sagna, Abbie Hantgan-SonkoAfrican multilingualism viewed from another angle: challenging the Casamance exception  Abstract
15 3016 00 coffee break  
16 0016 30 Maria Morozova, Alexander RusakovTowards an understanding of balanced bilingualism à la balkanique: the Montenegrin Velja Gorana and beyond  Abstract
16 3017 00Joanne YagerDaria KoniorPatterns and mechanisms of lexical change in symbiotic communities: the case of Carașova and Iabalcea (Banat, Romania)  Abstract
17 0017 30 Mark DonohueLinguistic responses to plurisocial environments  Abstract


Aleksandra Konovalova, Aigul ZakirovaThe spread of Russian in an area of Northern Dagestan during the early Soviet period: job or schooling difference?  Abstract
Kaius SinnemäkiComparative sociolinguistics: A typological approach  Abstract
Muhammad Kamal KhanThe Ormuri Resilience: A Typical Case of Small-scale Multilingualism in Waziristan Agency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan  Abstract
Maria Khachaturyan, Maria KonoshenkoInterference, contact, or both? Ethnographic data on multilingualism in support of studies of languages in contact  Abstract
Joanne Yager, Niclas Burenhult, Marianne GullbergAsymmetric semantic interaction in Jedek-Jahai bilinguals: Topological relations and placement event descriptions in a small-scale egalitarian setting in northern Peninsular Malaysia  Abstract
Ilya Chechuro, Michael Daniel, Samira VerheesSmall-scale multilingualism through the prism of lexical borrowing  Abstract
Tatiana AgranatCommunity with a non-trivial distribution of languages: Setos of the Pechory region  Abstract
Maria Egorova, Elena KlyachkoStudying Evenki-Yakut multilingualism in various conditions  Abstract